Pay Attention To My Friends Who Raise Succulent Plants,Don’t Do These Four Root Injuries

If you want to have a good succulent plants , first of all, you need to have a good root system. Only when the root system is healthy and strong, the fleshy leaves can be full and fat, and the plants can be healthy. Moreover, it’s easier for the fleshy plants with a healthy root system to survive in summer and winter, and it’s also very easy to crack their heads and color their heads.

How to keep the succulent plants full and watery? It’s super simple to spend summer

Outdoor maintenance is suitable for most succulent plants, and many flower friends react that their succulent plants are thrown out at will. On the contrary, they are beautiful all the year round, and can be easily spent in summer and winter without any care. Therefore, if conditions permit, we must seize the time to go outdoor maintenance, especially in spring and autumn, the succulent plants in the open will be beautiful I can’t believe it.

How To Raise Your Succulent Plants When Summer Comes

If you want to cultivate succulent plants in summer, you should not only learn to water them, but also pay attention to three factors
First, although succulent plants are drought resistant, it doesn’t mean that they like sunshine, especially strong sunshine. If you are cultivating succulent plants outdoors, you should be prepared for sunshade in summer.

How To DIY Designs Beautiful And Unique a Bonsai Tree

Making bonsai is a very time-consuming process of artistic processing. It turns a plain plant into a poetic and picturesque work of art. That sense of achievement is very high. The seedlings and stumps in nature do not have the requirements of bonsai completely. We need to shape bonsai by certain means. There are many kinds of bonsai modeling techniques, but the most common and basic techniques are two, one is panning, the other is pruning. Today, let’s briefly introduce these two basic methods of bonsai production.

To Raise “Succulent Plants”, We Only Need To Know How To “watering”? Make The Following 3 Points, And The Succulent Plants Will “Fill The Whole Basin”

There are many kinds of succulent plants, each of which is also very beautiful, so it’s very popular with many people. One of the interesting things about succulent plants is that some of the flower friends say that succulent plants are very good to keep, but most of the flower friends think that succulent plants are very difficult to keep. Although they have been watered normally, there are still some distressing problems. In fact, raising succulent plants Plants, in addition to watering, also need to do these three points, so as to make its leaves grow fat and full.

How Should Succulent Plants Be Raised?

On the whole, succulent plants are easy to raise, and they can’t die without light, but good ventilation and light are the key to raise “meat”. At the same time, we should pay attention to water control, rather less than more. Lack of water or sunshine is just a bad taste, but it can’t die. If you want to raise more meat, you should be ruthless and do not water it for ten and a half days.