acrylic coffin nail designs for Summer nail trends 2021!

30 Beautiful acrylic coffin nail designs for Summer nail trends 2021!

Are you looking for a new nail shape? Follow the hottest trends and embrace coffin nails! You may have seen coffin-shaped nails because they are the favorites of countless celebrities. The coffin’s shape is made by filing a nail into a tapered tip, placing the information into a square shape, and then applying colorful and polishing—versatile, low-maintenance, coffin nail design, to provide you with the stylish edges you want. Take a look at the acrylic coffin nail designs ideas and find the colors and styles that are worth trying on your next salon appointment.

Make a Gradual Almond Nail Design in Early Spring, Which is Very Beautiful and Suitable for the Situation~

When it comes to halo dye manicure
It can be said that it is the representative of Japanese manicure
Because the technique of halo dyeing can extend a lot of new styles
As we all know, it’s easy to get dirty by mixing colors
Most people don’t like the effect of “getting dirty”
But there is no denying it
Sometimes “dirty color” can be beautiful when used well.

2021 Valentine’s Day Almond Manicure Style Sharing

On this special day, I’d like to share with you a group of interesting fingernail designs with the theme of Valentine’s day, including lovely and interesting animals and the fashionable inscription “love”. Not only that, a lot of hearts, origami hearts and sacred spirit hearts on fingernails will also change any fingernail design by deforming them. They are festive and elegant.

Nail Design Should Be Done in Autumn and Winter! These Classics are Versatile~

Is showy manicure more suitable for hot and colorful summer?
Actually not!
Because of the bleak weather in autumn and winter, people are lazy
We need more makeup and mood!
What are the classic and versatile manicure styles?
Wave point? Gradient? Frosting? Gold foil? Leopard print? French style?
All of the following
And is not easy to make mistakes in the selection of Oh!

35 Glittering Diamond Stiletto Nail Designs To Copy In 2020

Maintaining your nails is like choosing a killer’s mace. You have to be proud of your appearance. I think the best way is to turn your nails into super chic stiletto nails. Although they look fierce, they have pointed cones. But needless to say, they’re totally trendy. However, if it’s new to you, don’t worry. We are here to guide you through everything to make stiletto nails, including the best design and color choice.

It’s Cold. Add A Warm Coat To Your Nails!

It’s getting colder,
Even nails have to change season!
The hottest nail color this fall and winter
It should be milky coffee, coffee and amber
The biggest feature of this brown tone nail color is that it doesn’t choose skin color
French manicure is one of the most classic manicures
The style is simple but unique
The flat, round and inverted-V have their own characteristics
When you don’t want to be solid
I don’t know what style to make
It must be right to choose it!

Simple, Clean And Exotic Leopard Nail Design In Autumn 2020

The charm of leopard print lies in details, so leopard print manicure should also use details to win. The whole finger leopard print looks old-fashioned, but jumping color leopard print is full of young personality vitality. Different jump color collocation appears more delicate, and it will not lose the original sexy charm of leopard print ~ the impression of leopard print nail is very wild and sexy, which is why leopard print nail is so attractive to women The reason for birth.