Perfect Winter hair color You’ll Be Dying For

25 Perfect Winter hair color You’ll Be Dying For

Various winter hair colors allow us to change our appearance at any time. Often, we want to change the color of our hair when the seasons change. But it’s best to pick a new hairstyle first and then think about which hair color will work best. There are many colors to choose from, brown, red, or gold. The star of this winter is in contrast, so consider combining light and dark shades.

Festive Christmas tree decoration ideas for 2022

38 Festive Christmas tree decoration ideas for 2022

Are you ready to turn everything upside down this holiday season? Whether trying a brand new Christmas tree theme or looking for new ways to use your existing decor, our pro-level decorating tips and tricks are here to help. Find professional decorative hanging ideas, new ways to use ribbon, tree top inspiration, and how to incorporate unexpected objects (like a gingerbread house!) into your tree designs. Get out real or faux Christmas tree decoration ideas for 2022, collect your sparkliest ornaments, and read on to learn how to decorate it like a pro.

Trendy Fall Makeup Looks

40 Trendy Fall Makeup Looks to Conquer the Season in 2022

If you already have a carefully curated fall capsule closet, experimenting with fall makeup looks ideas is an annual way to add interest to your appearance. From classic smoky looks to vibrant colors (because these aren’t just for summer), the sky is the limit this season. The colder months are great for experimenting with lip color (even if you’re wearing a mask) and rich eye shadow without having to sweat off hours of precious makeup spent. Our faces are our canvas, and we’re always ready to paint. But if you’re lacking inspiration, here are 40 fall eyeshadows and makeup looks to recreate this fall.