47 Shiny Almond Nails With Animals For Valentine’s Day

Many people choose to choose the color of nail polish. But the shape of the nail is also an indispensable factor in creating a beautiful hand. How to decide the shape of your nails? Nail trimming needs to fit the thickness and length of the fingers and the shape of the nail bed. If your nail bed is wide, square and round will be more suitable; if the nail bed is thin and narrow, you can consider sharp square nails, which not only make your fingers appear slender but also add a sense of strength; if you don’t like long nails, you can consider convenient round nails.

Almond nail is one of the most popular nail shapes. This is because the soft tapered finish is super flattering, making each finger shape feminine, sexy, and charming in appearance. Almond nails are also more practical than spikes and dramatic coffin nails, making your nail bed look slimmer. Better yet, they are perfect canvases for a variety of nail colors, patterns and designs. So if you want to adjust your nails, stop looking!