How Should Succulent Plants Be Raised?

On the whole, succulent plants are easy to raise, and they can’t die without light, but good ventilation and light are the key to raise “meat”. At the same time, we should pay attention to water control, rather less than more. Lack of water or sunshine is just a bad taste, but it can’t die. If you want to raise more meat, you should be ruthless and do not water it for ten and a half days.

Many flower friends envy the appearance of meat look good, then how to raise their own meat?

The first step is to shade the sun: If the sun is strong, put the fleshy plants under the shadow of the balcony, or use the shading net to cover them, so as to provide a relatively cool and weak daily holiday environment for the fleshy plants.

The second step is well ventilated: Good ventilation is also an important condition for meat growth. Good ventilation can prevent the growth of bacteria, accelerate the evaporation of water, avoid the environment hot and humid.

The third step is to water: In the evening or at night as much as possible. In the dark and ventilated environment at night, it is easy to evaporate water and not easy to accumulate water.

The four step configure loose and breathable soil: Soil is also an important condition for succulent success. The coarse sand and peat soil can be mixed in the proportion of 7:3, so that the soil is loose and permeable.

The fifth step is temperature: Difference illumination and temperature difference, which is the important treasure of fleshy coloring. Spring Festival temperature itself is about 10 ℃, so if you want to color it, you can move the meat outside.

Step six Long-term sunshine: Many meat grows in a desert-like environment, the sun is not strong enough to find that each leaf distance began to elongate, when not gorgeous and not cute

The seventh step is planting medium: Large particle coal reef is used in the bottom layer, medium particle hematite soil is used in the middle to mix fine particle coal reef, and medium particle hematite soil is covered on the surface. Each multi meat shop will sell special medium formula, which is still not suitable for environmental factors. It is recommended to buy and allocate the medium well as the middle layer, and the bottom layer is equipped with super hydrophobic medium, which can prevent itching of hands, and pour the soil through to prevent the root from rotting. It is better to lay a single color of red jade on the surface, which is simple and beautiful.