Short Square Nails Of The 2020 Summer Fire, Here Are All!

Summer like clear and simple, clean and durable color.
Recommend a wave of favorite nail collocation.

In summer, the warm temperature will be felt. In addition to new clothes, your manicure should also be well changed! This season, changing manicure is like lipstick, adding ice and bubbles to cool down. These summer cool feeling juice manicure is the most suitable for summer, will also give your temperament more points!

Although the following is the line style manicure, but always gives a very melancholy appearance. The colors inside are blue and yellow, which gives out a very calm feeling. Basically, it is elegant to match the white shirt and wide leg pants. The key point is that it is very eye-catching.

Recently, the popular Fairy Butterfly nude color is a gentle manicure, with a little black ice through flesh pink, it will appear that the nails are very healthy and good-looking. It is combined with diamonds to do gradient and halo dyeing, so that the whole person becomes gentle because of this manicure!