46 Best Braided Hairstyles For Black Women In 2020

In the culture of African braids, dreadlocks is the incarnation of the God of freedom. She is not only a fashionable hairstyle, but also a belief in freedom, which represents the spirit of passion, freedom and wildness, an unrestrained and free attitude towards life.

This long black hair combs the hair at the top of the hair back, and divides it into several parts to make scorpion braids. At the top of the hair, the small dirty braids are made into a small mirror real bun. The hair at the bottom is made of many small dreadlocks , which is very fashionable and personalized.

The design of this little dreadlocks more unique. The hair on the three sides is cut very short, while the hair on the top is long, and the dreadlocks in smoke gray. The hair is combed back to make several little dirty braided hair. The hair is combined to make a high ponytail. The hair root is fixed into a bow shape by using the hair circle of the braided hair.

With a sense of art of a small dreadlocks modeling, the forehead of the hair do a backward comb, the hair do a lot of dreadlocks, in the process of hair braiding, there are metal hair accessories, one side of the ear above the hair do blue rendering, very rebellious hair styling.

The braiding of this long hair and dreadlocks is relatively simple. This long hair with the color of purple on the fog surface is made into the shape of micro volume and big wave perm. There are fake dreadlocks on both sides of the cap, which are integrated with the hair on both sides. It seems that it is dreadlocks with the design of dye, wild and uninhibited.