A Small Piece Of Paper, In The Hands Of Origami Artists, Has Become A Work Of Art!

Talking about origami
The first thing I think of must be the paper plane I folded when I was a child
But in the works of origami artists
Paper can be changed
It’s in all kinds of wonderful shapes
A collection of origami works
Let’s enjoy it together!

I think people who like arts and crafts! Can not resist this mysterious and challenging “modern origami” art.

Modern origami with a design and production process more complex, creative, novel, more realistic three-dimensional form attracted a wave of handcraft lovers to learn and explore!

The combination of origami and natural science has not only become the teaching aids of Architecture College, but also developed origami geometry into a branch of modern geometry. Origami is not only a toy, but also a thinking activity. It is a symbol of peace and remembrance, and also a way of recreation.