75 Short Personalized Hairstyles

The little girl with short hair gives a kind of lovely girl feeling, fresh and temperament. Whether it’s straight hair or curly hair, it gives people a kind of lightness and flexibility. It looks messy but very shapely. It has short hair with ears. The color of ancient copper hair is very bright. The slightly curly hair ends are wrapped around the ears. The bangs are curved, creating a sense of playfulness. This overall look is fresh and stylish.

The short hair perm, which is heavy but very light, shows the nimble beauty of girls. Qi Er’s fluffy perm is the key to creating an air sense. The surface is a little messy and presents a sense of randomness, which is a famous model. The visual effect of the whole hair style is very layered. The tip of the hair slightly exceeds the earlobe to make the whole hair more flexible. The straight Qi Liu Hai paste on the forehead gives a fashion sense. The unstained silk looks so charming!