40 Short Haircuts to Inspire You for the New Year

The standard fashion style hair style is mainly short hair. The five outlines of hair style are middle type (oval or straight curve combination type). The texture of hair is soft. Perm is suitable for straight curve texture design, and dyeing is suitable for neutral hue and high brightness. For those who stay in this style, her style must be fashionable. The outline of the five senses is oval and small, or the outline of the five senses conforms to the characteristics of the straight curve fashion style.

Everyone has a dreamlike short hair, so you decide to cut a short hair. In the world of hair, there is an old saying: “a picture is worth a thousand words”. So, scroll your mouse and look for your inspiration in the picture below. Once you understand what kind of short hair you like, it is more suitable for your face shape and hair quality. Then you can take a picture and give it directly to the hairdresser.