How To Protect It More Firmly After Manicure?

After finishing fingernails, you should do basic nail care at home, and wipe moisturizing cream and other skin care products diligently.
Avoid excessive exposure to moisture and oil, otherwise gel will easily peel off.
Avoid doing things with your fingertips. For example, using fingertips for keystrokes and stripping, excessive use of fingertips will cause the gel to peel off the fingers and cause damage to the nails.

Among The 3 Popular Tattoo Parts, There Is Always One Place You Want To Tattoo.

Tattoo is bound to hurt, after all, it is necessary to pierce the skin for creation, so anesthetic is usually not used, and the anesthetic will affect the color and quality of the pattern. Generally, when cutting thread, you will feel pain (that is, the process of sketching). After that, the pain caused by fogging and coloring can be tolerated. It is also the skin that has begun to adapt to this kind of pain. But the degree of pain is different for everyone. Some people will feel pain and some people will enjoy it. Some beginners will be afraid after hearing the buzz of tattoo machine, but after that, they will feel just like this, so tattoo is not as terrible as imagined.

Wonderful And Lovely Almond Nail Design Makes Your Fingers Meaningful!

Summer is the most beautiful. Midsummer always gives us a pleasant feeling, which makes us feel in the mood to spend time decorating ourselves. Moreover, it is also the season to wear beautiful clothes and decorate. In addition to jewelry and other decorations, manicure is an essential small detail of life. People say that the hand is the second face of a girl. How can a delicate woman lack the decoration of a manicure? Today, I’d like to share with you a unique manicure series. These are some “story” manicure series. They are wonderful and lovely, making your fingers meaningful!

Pay Attention To My Friends Who Raise Succulent Plants,Don’t Do These Four Root Injuries

If you want to have a good succulent plants , first of all, you need to have a good root system. Only when the root system is healthy and strong, the fleshy leaves can be full and fat, and the plants can be healthy. Moreover, it’s easier for the fleshy plants with a healthy root system to survive in summer and winter, and it’s also very easy to crack their heads and color their heads.

Home Green Plant Search, To Help You Create A Spiritual Corner Of The Home!

On the planet where we live, plants have been quietly improving and beautifying the living environment of human beings. No matter what our environment is, our life will be full of vitality and hope as long as we have plant ornaments.
A comfortable and quiet corner is the most suitable place to work at home. Some common plants are enough to make the space more comfortable.

55 Glittering Acrylic Coffin Nails Designs´╝îExperience The Elegance And Beauty Of Fingertips!

As the saying goes, “the hand is a woman’s second face”, many girls spend a lot of time on their hands, and manicure is one of them. But it’s strange that sometimes manicure can really reflect a person’s temperament. As a girl, if the hand is beautiful, it can make a deep impression. Today, I’d like to introduce some popular manicures this summer to you. I hope you can have a good time and sunshine in this beautiful summer.