Summer coffin nails inspo | 2022 nail trends to wear

There’s a reason summer coffin nails, also known as “ballet nails,” are one of the most popular nail shapes in the mani world. They look great, reminiscent of the square fingertips of the ’90s and early 2000s (remember the manicure Britney Spears did in her “Toxic” video?), and the long, tapered shape Plenty of room for polish, art, glamour, and design.

To achieve this effect, experts usually recommend growing the nails a little longer. Professional manicurist and ManiMe manicurist community member Rebecca Ludwig previously told Bustle that length helps differentiate the tapered ends. Otherwise, your nails will look more like squares than coffins.

Longer nails also mean room for nail art, and it’s summer, and there are plenty of colorful coffin-shaped styles to the sport. “We’re seeing millennium bug fashion making a comeback,” says celebrity manicurist Deborah Lippman. As such, she points to pastel shades like periwinkle and shimmering turquoise (like her collection “Woman on the Moon”). and Galaxy Far Away) is a summer 2022 nail polish color that goes well with the early Zero-inspired aesthetic.

With that in mind, the following 41 summer coffin nails inspo ideas are perfect for lounging by the pool.

Stunning summer coffin nails arts 2022

Summer coffin nails inspo 2022 nail trends to wear