28 DIY Practical And Beautiful Bookshelf Designs, Which Do You Like?

For families with more books, bookshelves seem to be an indispensable design. With the popularity of bookshelves in the design, bookshelves have gradually become a display design for putting decorations and decorating the space mood. More and more families choose to install “bookshelves” in the decoration process.

However, the display forms of bookshelves are different in different house types. Today, I’d like to introduce some common bookshelf designs, hoping you can find inspiration.

In wall bookshelf: This type of bookshelf is my personal favorite. It combines the bookshelf with the wall to keep a clean and beautiful sense of space. At the same time, it can realize the function of the bookshelf. It’s really great. When the size of the house is not enough, you can even smash down the light wall and use the storage rack to separate it.

Finished bookshelf: If the finished bookshelf is flexible, it can be placed in any suitable position at home. The point is that you can select the right bookshelf.

Shelf bookshelf : Shelf bookshelf is often suitable for installing bookshelf on the top of the table. It is often used to install bookshelf on the top of the desk, which not only does not occupy the plane space, but also can use the three-dimensional space to achieve more practical storage function.