32 Cool medium length haircuts with bangs to be hot

Medium length haircuts with bangs may be the most effortless hairstyle to style, but they still provide a lot of freedom for various experiments. Let us guide you in choosing the best shoulder-length hair and bangs and show you what is stylish, convenient, and suitable for your face shape. Check out some brilliant examples in the photos below to choose your next hairstyle.

What hairstyle and bangs to choose

Layered shoulder-length hairstyles and trendy high tops will never go out of style as they are versatile and will suit all face shapes, depending on the length chosen. Well-cut bangs can elevate your hairstyle while drawing attention to your eyes and balancing your features.

Round faces benefit from asymmetry as this creates lines and elongates round faces. Use asymmetrical or wavy bangs, parting, and curls. Avoid thick, blunt bangs! If you want a trim for a square face, any asymmetrical hairstyle is welcome. Medium-length hairstyles will make you look better, and chin-cut hairstyles are the hairstyles you should avoid.

Medium-length hairstyles are excellent for curly hair because they create significant volume without sagging your hair and help keep curls in their desired shape. If your hair is straight, consider adding some layers: Short tails can line your head for a сute, creative mess.

Cool medium length haircuts with bangs to be hot