35 simple and beautiful almond shaped nail designs

You know whether you prefer round or square nails, but what about the trendy coffin nails or almond nails? Not very round, not very pointed, almond-shaped nails are always smooth. Check out these simple and beautiful almond-shaped nail designs that range from minimalist to stylish to bold. I hope they inspire you.

Bright yellow beams, green leaves full of life, pale blue waves. Your acrylic nails can be inspired by the lively and vibrant colors found around us during the summer. Now it’s time to transition from spring nail art to adding some color to your look. Because the best summer nails are nothing without color. With these simple replica nail designs, nail art has never looked so cool this season.

Whether you’re looking for a new color to paint your nails, or you’re an emerging nail artist, if you’re looking for your next nail art design, here are some popular nail trends for inspiration for your summer nail design. From fun French nails to simple DIY manicures. These cute designs aren’t afraid to fiddle with colors and patterns. Some brisk nails are perfect for reading on the beach and soaking up the sun. Now that summer is almost here, get ready for your next almond-shaped nails

Pink and nude cute little polka dot almond shape nail design

Fluorescent French Nail Art

Pastel nails

Glitter nails

Flower nails

Lemon yellow almond shaped nails

Neon nails

French manicure always looks sweet, but it looks even sweeter with a sea blue scent. Add a little color to French nails with a pleasant blue tone, and add simple dots on the nails to get an interesting design.

Yellow small chrysanthemum nails

Orange nails

White nail art

Little yellow flowers and nude nails

Orange French Almond Nails

Blue line nails

Star nail shape

Pastel nail edges

red almond nail ideas

purple nail designs

White leopard nails

white french ombre nails

squoval nails