42 Full of Children’s Fun and Save Space of the Bunk Beds Design, Home Decoration to See All Heart! Collection!

For families with two children, there is no condition to change a big house, and children’s room in the limited space, through the upper and lower berth design to alleviate the compact living demand, it is particularly important!

Of course, a simple up and down bed and children’s delicate up and down bed, bring children’s sense of fun is really different! Today, we are going to introduce some exquisite design of bed, in addition to beautiful, there are some interesting design, I believe it will bring you a new design ideas for reference!

White get out of bed

White is a more simple and comfortable color, used in children’s room on the bed, the overall texture appears relaxed and comfortable.

Log color up and down bed

Staggered up and down bed

Conventional up and down the bed are stacked, if the space is appropriate, according to the scene to customize a staggered up and down the bed, so that under the bed can leave a desk position, the use of space is more interesting.

Log color is close to the natural color, and wood furniture brush wood wax oil can achieve the effect of log color, the overall environmental protection effect of wood wax oil will be better, and the visual effect is also very natural and generous.

Children’s fun

If you can be a little careful when getting up and out of bed, you can go in with the function of playing, so that the children’s room can become a good place for children to play at home.

Color up and down bed

In addition to the conventional white and log color, if children like color, they can also brush some bright colors on the bed to make the space more vigorous.