46 Beautiful Acrylic Short Sunflower Nails Art Designs In Summer

Summer is a simple season, so nails should start with simplicity. These sunflower nails are very simple but extremely fashionable. They match with gorgeous colors to look ordinary, but this style is not ordinary. Take these sunflower nails to welcome the beauty of this summer.

Legend of sunflower

Chloe is a beautiful Narcissus. One day, she met Apollo in the woods and fell in love with him. However, Apollo didn’t like her. Chloe expected Apollo to change her mind and talk to her, but she never saw Apollo again. So she looked up at the sky every day and saw Apollo driving his chariot across the sky every day until the moment when he went down the mountain. So she looked at the sun every day, day after day, at sunrise. Finally she turned into a big golden sunflower, always facing the sun, looking up to the beloved Apollo, telling her eternal love.

Flower language of sunflower
Positive, sunny, loyal, warm, bright, silent love.