48 Beautiful Short Square Nails for Your Fingers

When fashionable brushing adds a perfect touch to beautiful nails, any manicurist will tell you that shape matters. As the basis of any good nail, the shape of the nail is the basis of creating a wonderful finger. The right shape not only complements the color or design you choose, but also beautifies your entire hand to make it look more attractive. From pulling long and short fingers to highlighting beautiful nails, manicures are more powerful than you think. Therefore, it is an important task to choose the best nail shape fingers, and you should not neglect it.

Like a circle, the square pattern is also great for short nails. Characterized by straight edges and square tips, this nail shape looks neat and stylish. Women who like long nails should choose the tapered shape. Those who like short, avant-garde and elegant appearance will like this style. Square nails are especially good for those with thin hands and long, thin fingers. If this sounds like you, or if your nail bed is long and narrow, consider asking for a square shape for the next manicure. In this style, the hand has a subtle expansion effect, and is easier to break than other forms, making it an ideal choice for low maintenance women. When it comes to collocation, square nails are most attractive when matching bright, bold or glossy nail polish.