90 Special Short Nails Art Designs For Spring And Summer 2020

The hand is a woman’s second face, and the clothes have been changed season after season
Of course, the manicure should change with the change of clothes
It’s time for a new style. Can’t find the inspiration for manicure?
See if there’s anything you like here~

Now the spring is getting stronger. The fairies who like to do manicure need to change their manicure styles. At this time, they can choose some gentle colors with a sense of spring vitality. Today, I’d like to share with you the styles suitable for short nails.

You may think that the style selection of short nails will have limitations, not necessarily, because some styles happen to be long nails can not be presented, such as some lovely hand-painted style is very suitable for short nails, which is particularly lively and lovely.

In addition, spring is naturally full of the fragrance of flowers and plants. Our manicure can also be embellished with some flowers and plants to add the flavor of spring.

Short hair girls can also be sexy, short round nails can also be gentle and lovely. Short and clean armour with gentle colors, pure and fresh~

Some bright colors with high saturation seem to be out of line with each other, which will appear abrupt and provocative when applied to long nails. But on short round nails, they are magically harmonious, funny and interesting, and have a special fashion style!

This flower manicure is a beige manicure style. First, use Beige as the base, then decorate the yellow small fresh flower pattern on it, and then decorate with the fine gold foil element. Finally, the upper layer of seal is OK. Yellow flowers play a role in brightening, very eye-catching.

This flower manicure is a caramel orange jump color style manicure, the solid part is matched with gold foil element, the metal part is matched with metal glitter powder, and the flower part is decorated with a small fresh flower pattern with colored adhesive, so a flower manicure is done. Happy fairies can try it!

It can be childlike, cute, fashionable and cool
It can also be pure and beautiful~
It’s the short round nails that are born cute!
It can overturn your understanding of the possibility of Manicure!
Come and have a look~
Short nails should be manicure!