Are You Still Worried About How To Raise The Succulent In Summer?They Should Be Raised Like This!

In summer, it’s just the weather and some other indirect factors that affect the growth of succulent plants. Here’s what we should pay attention to when planting succulent plants in summer.

1,The planting environment should be ventilated

Maintaining indoor ventilation and air convection is a very important factor. Air convection can reduce the chance of bacteria breeding, and water can also be taken away by the convection air flow, which will not cause a stuffy and humid environment. In addition, it can reduce the ground temperature, which is very beneficial to the growth of plants. If you really can’t put a small fan next to the succulent plants to increase the air flow speed.

2,If it is planted in the open air, the sun should be covered to prevent the succulent plants from drying and sunburn

3. Pay attention to the time, method and quantity of watering
Watering is also a point to pay attention to. First of all, we need to determine the time of watering. It’s better to water in the evening. Many novices who raise succulent plants don’t know the time of watering, even at noon. It’s very undesirable, but if it’s cloudy at noon, it doesn’t have much impact. In addition, we should pay attention to watering thoroughly. The soil of flowerpot should be wet when it is dry. We should let the soil of flowerpot dry thoroughly before watering. Don’t water it too often, it will lead to rotten roots of succulent plants.