DIY Creative Wood Painting, Enjoying The Beauty Of Nature

A pen, a piece of wood, together with your creativity, can create your unique creative wood painting. The creative wood painting uses waste wood, which is hand polished and hand drawn. Use acrylic, water powder and other color pigments to draw, and finally organize the picture in the form of collage. Perfect combination of pattern and wood texture, waste wood can also become art! This is the beauty that nature gives to mankind.

A little warm luster
Trees, appreciative life
Rings, visualizing the time of life
An encounter between logs and colors
Recording a unique story
So the wood painting begins

Trees are closely related to human life and can be made into wood products for different purposes for use or appreciation. Often some corner of the waste wood, often seen as “garbage”, at will. In fact, as long as you use your brain and imagination, you can turn these useless pieces of wood into a pair of creative wood paintings!

Appreciate wood painting, learn to try to draw on wood, cultivate innovative thinking and hands-on ability, through design and production activities, practice to understand the difference between wood and paper, learn to master the characteristics of wood painting, and draw a wood painting.