Fashionable and Versatile Transparent Coffin Nails, More Accompany With This Spring and Summer

Because these coffin nails look very advanced and atmospheric, it’s better for people with long nails. So if you want to make nails like this, you can think about patch nails.

Among them, there are some colorful manicures with bright colors. There are many very romantic styles. Compared with some manicures with complex structures, spring is also the peak season of various colors. The color manicures are more practical. Different shapes are drawn with colors at the fingertips.

This is a group of coffin nails with a gentle breath in the fresh. This group of coffin nails takes a simple and advanced route. Although the design of the armor surface is not particularly complex, it will give a gentle and atmospheric feeling. The background color of this group of manicures is transparent, very fresh and bright. The decoration of five fingernails of one hand is different, which can make the whole more rich, look more generous and elegant.

In addition to the gold foil decoration, there are also very bright diamond patches and very high-level white halo dye. The color of a whole set of manicures is a combination of golden white and transparent three colors. Although it has a noble flavor, the overall look is very simple and daily.

This group of manicures seems to have some dreamlike feeling, because its main color is light purple with fine glitter decoration, plus diamond decoration, which makes this group of manicures more hazy and shining taste. In addition to the glitter and diamond decoration, the whole set of manicure is decorated with patches and gold foil. In particular, the presence of gold foil makes this group of nails look more advanced.

This group of manicures looks simple as a whole. There are three colors of yellow, green and white on the transparent background. The most clean part of this group of manicures is the color matching. Yellow and green seem not to match at all, but the real matching can give a very fresh feeling.