Glittering DIY Pink Square Nail Design, More Suitable For Spring and Summer 2020

Pink And Tender Elegant Style

Bring powder can also fill the entire nail,It’s not crystal nails that have this texture,Only by making use of the larger bright powder nail polish, can the nail change immediately and create the elegant design with crystal nail style.

1.choose a nail polish containing rich bright powder, first brush it two times, and make the nail texture you want to have.  

2. reelection of a coloured line, but with a lighter powder, more nail polish and a layer of gloss.

3. Finally, a little bit of water drill can be pasted on the end of the nail in the form of embellishment, which immediately makes the crystal nail feel flawless.

Metal Romantic style

What kind of sparks will be produced when the romantic meteor meets the metallic bright powder? Try to bring such inspiration to the nail, and it turns out to be a simple and stylish nail with a little romance and a little punk. Everyone likes it!

1.Bright colors are the only way to attract people’s attention. If you want full and charming colors, brush them on two layers first!

2. Before the second layer is dry, you can stick star sequins on the place you want or like to make the stars completely attached.

3.finally, use the nail polish with big sequins to describe the tail of the meteor. It will make the effect more obvious if there is a little curvature on the nail.

Low Key And Elegant Style

When you attend a dinner or formal occasion, this elegant nail is the best choice. You can use the nail polish and bright powder to shine. You don’t need too difficult skills and too long to go out. It’s a nail brush that everyone can easily use.

1.match your clothing collocation, choose a nail polish with texture, quickly brush the two layers on the nail surface and wait for it to dry completely.

2.brush the nail polish with bright powder on the front end with oblique brush.

3. Don’t wait for it to dry and pour on the prepared bright powder on one side, so the bright powder can be completely attached, so one fingernail should be carried out in order!