How To Decorate a Small House? Let’s Have a Look at These Practical Decoration Skills!

Is the small house too small to fit? That’s because you didn’t see the article here. Today’s editor will show you the collection of design points of small apartment. If your home is also a small apartment, remember to collect it well!

Creating comfortable and simple living environment is the highest level of home decoration. With the natural and environmental protection maple and log furniture, we can create the harmony style, return to the simple, natural, environmental protection and practical home concept, and build your ideal home.

One, Open space. The biggest problem of the small house type is the limited space. If you make a few more partitions, the house will be dark. It is suggested that we try to choose open design, and some public spaces can be combined, such as living room, kitchen, dining room, balcony, etc.

Two,Glass partition. Glass partition is also a very popular design method recently. It can not only play the role of partition, but also retain the introduction of light to the greatest extent. Porch, balcony, even kitchen and toilet can be used.

Three, Double sided cabinet instead of wall. Using the cabinet instead of the wall can not only play the storage function, but also save the space of a wall, such as the porch, the back wall of the sofa, the book wall and the outside wall of the bedroom.

Four,Bar instead of table. In a small house, the number of people in the family is about 1-3. A bar can meet the dining needs of the family. In the case of insufficient dining room space, it is a good choice to extend the design of a bar from the kitchen.

Five,Add kitchen appliances to the cabinet. The kitchen is probably the place with the most sundries, and there are many effective things in the space, especially the large electrical appliances, rice cookers, ovens, microwave ovens, etc. if the space is reserved when customizing the cabinets, and the electrical appliances are embedded in, the kitchen will be a lot more tidy.

Six, Card seat, small house type artifact must have card seat.

Seven,Mirror extension, using the reflection principle of the mirror to expand the space, but also to introduce light, unique mirror or a kind of decoration, such as circular wall mounted mirror, whether it is the porch, bedroom or bathroom, are very suitable.

Eight,The use of color, not to say that all should use light color, appropriate addition of dark, bright color can make the space more layered. After entering the room, brush a whole color on the opposite wall to create the effect of depth of field. If you brush half of the wall, remember to brush up light and down deep, and pull up the space.

Nine,The combination of balconies, here refers to the inner balconies, the balconies and the living room (bedroom) between the wall removed, increase the indoor area, not only can make the living room more functional, visual also more open. In the same way, the inner window can also be removed.

Glass guardrail.