How To DIY Designs Beautiful And Unique a Bonsai Tree

Making bonsai is a very time-consuming process of artistic processing. It turns a plain plant into a poetic and picturesque work of art. That sense of achievement is very high. The seedlings and stumps in nature do not have the requirements of bonsai completely. We need to shape bonsai by certain means. There are many kinds of bonsai modeling techniques, but the most common and basic techniques are two, one is panning, the other is pruning. Today, let’s briefly introduce these two basic methods of bonsai production.

Panning is mainly to let plants grow in a certain direction according to their own ideas, and to guide them to grow in a certain direction through panning , which is also the most common modeling method at the basic level. For the coiled material, it is the metal wire, followed by the brown wire. In some bonsai production of Yang school, some bonsai masters will use brown silk to climb and tie. After coiling, the brown silk will not generate heat conduction, and will not damage the bark, so it is very convenient to remove. But when the brown silk comes to panning , the skill requirements are very high, and it is difficult to learn without certain experience.

Leave a more natural scar, the whole trunk will look older. Pruning standards for plant branches, such as vertical branches, sagging branches and bows and arrows, are to be pruned. And like some opposite branches, i.e. the left and right symmetrical branches at the same height of the trunk, one should be cut off. To extend two parallel branches in the same direction, one needs to be cut, and the other is the slingshot branch. To separate two branches from the trunk, one needs to be cut. Most of the bows and arrows grow in the hollow of the branches, which are to be cut off.

There is also a kind of pruning method, that is, when the trees grow to a certain thickness, cut off the trunk. Only a small part of the trunk was retained, and then the cross-section was retained for culture. Wait until the reserved branch grows to a certain thickness, then cut the branch and keep the branch at the same time. Through many times of pruning and pruning, the bonsai will grow into a simple and vigorous bonsai.