How To DIY Your Braided Hair For Long And Medium Length Hair

At a temperature of 35 ° C +, many girls with long hair have this problem: heavy hair piled on their shoulders will not only sultry, but also cause discomfort when their hair is mixed with sweat and stuck on their faces. It’s better to get this sweet, lovely and handsome summer hair. It can not only drive away the high temperature, but also make you full of personality.

This summer, all kinds of little braids are played with flowers. Open the cool braided hair on the full screen of the mobile phone. If I can’t tie a little braid, I’m really embarrassed to say that I’m a fashionable and beautiful girl in the 21st century.

Cool twist braid
The tight twist braid is really cool. Suitable for long hair and short hair, like cool style girls, can refer to the following figure.
Twist braid concave shape is really good-looking. The hair style in the figure below has no bangs. It is more suitable for girls with normal hairline. Girls with high hairline can consider leaving several strands of broken hair in front of or on both sides of the forehead.

This kind of braid is suitable for girls with medium and long hair and Long hair. When binding, pay attention to the fluffy degree. With the fluffy degree, the lazy feeling will come out naturally.