How to keep the succulent plants full and watery? It’s super simple to spend summer

In the circle of flowers, the succulent plants seem to have a special magic power. As long as you touch the succulent plants, you can hardly stop growing the succulent plants at the beginning. Even if you raise them dead, you can buy new ones every year. I have a friend who is fond of succulent plants, but he dies every summer. Even dozens of pots of succulent plants have to lose more than half of them. But since he learned a little skill, his succulent plants have not only greatly improved their vitality, but also become two states of color.

In fact, this method is very simple, that is, more open-air maintenance. Once he paid too much attention to the succulent plants, always afraid that the sun would be strong, and the weather would be cold and frozen, so he was particularly fond of succulent plants, which over time led to succulent plants unable to withstand any wind and sun, and the weather changed. In winter and summer, it was easy to die in a large area, and The color of succulent plants always fails to achieve the expected purpose, and seems to lack a kind of vitality of life, so open-air conservation is the general law for succulent plants to become beautiful.

Four advantages of open-air conservation of succulent plants

  1. In the open air environment, the ventilation effect is good, the probability of diseases and insect pests on the leaves of succulent plants is greatly reduced, but the adaptability to water will be enhanced. Even if the water is watered more occasionally, the excess water in the open air environment will be taken away by nature in time, and the health degree of succulent plants is guaranteed.

2. There is sufficient light in the open air environment. If it is completely maintained in the open air, the light that the succulent plants receive is from 360 degree light without dead angle. Under this light, the succulent plants will not grow in vain, and the coloring speed will be faster. Moreover, the poles of the succulent plants are more likely to be lignified and form the old pile state.

3. In the open air environment, the temperature is high during the day and low at night. The temperature difference between day and night is usually kept at 8-10 degrees. In this relatively large natural temperature difference, the color of succulent plants will be particularly bright, and the color will have more vitality of nature and less dead and heavy twilight.

4. The succulent plants that are often maintained in the open air are exposed to the wind, the sun and the sun, and adapt to the changes of the natural environment. Their resistance and vitality are very strong. In summer and winter, the probability of survival is greater, and their adaptability to high temperature and severe cold is stronger. Therefore, the open-air maintenance is also the best helper for succulent plants to survive summer and winter.

With so many obvious advantages, when we raise succulent plants, we must overcome our doting psychology, let succulent plants accept the wind and sun, and try to maintain them in the open air as much as possible, but there are some forbidden areas for us to pay special attention to.

Summary: outdoor maintenance is suitable for most succulent plants, and many flower friends react that their succulent plants are thrown out at will. On the contrary, they are beautiful all the year round, and can be easily spent in summer and winter without any care. Therefore, if conditions permit, we must seize the time to go outdoor maintenance, especially in spring and autumn, the succulent plants in the open will be beautiful I can’t believe it.