How To Protect It More Firmly After Manicure?

How to get good armor after manicure?
A lot of people don’t know much about armor,
So, today for you to analyze it~
Avoid touching acid rain and alkali. For example: lemon juice, detergent, etc.

After finishing fingernails, you should do basic nail care at home, and wipe moisturizing cream and other skin care products diligently.
Avoid excessive exposure to moisture and oil, otherwise gel will easily peel off.
Avoid doing things with your fingertips. For example, using fingertips for keystrokes and stripping, excessive use of fingertips will cause the gel to peel off the fingers and cause damage to the nails.

If there is nail peeling phenomenon, to use nail scissors, do not peel off directly by hand! Otherwise, the real nail will not only peel off together, but also become thinner and thinner!
Avoid long-term nail making, should rest for 3 weeks to 1 month after removal and continue to do it! Otherwise, the nail surface is easy to appear rough and uneven due to long-term polishing.

After manicure, it is also necessary to properly supplement the internal nutrition of the nails, and external moisturizing and curing, so as to protect the healthy growth of nails.

1- Proper intake of food containing vitamin H
Vitamin H is also known as biotin and coenzyme R. proper intake of vitamin H helps to increase nail hardness. Foods containing vitamin H include strawberries, grapes, milk, egg yolk, lean meat and beer. In addition, foods or drinks rich in iron and protein can also help nail healthy growth.

2- Moisten and maintain
How to protect your nails after manicure? Nails are also part of the skin and should be done every day like maintaining your face! Because the cuticle of nails is thicker than your face, you can choose simple skin care products rich in lipids, such as Vaseline, baby oil, etc., as finger cream.
In addition, olive oil can moisturize and lock water for nails, so that nails are elastic and not easy to break. Nail edge oil and nail polish are used to massage nails, which can also improve the blood circulation of nails.

3- Avoid making nails again
Damaged nails should be avoided repeated coverage of fingernails or phototherapy. Girls who can’t stand the plain appearance of nails can try to apply transparent nail polish. On the one hand, nails will look more shiny. On the other hand, they can also maintain and protect their nails. With the growth of nails, they will grow back to their original healthy nails in about three months. In this way, new nails are also quite good It’s not easy to break!

4- Regular manicure
Regular manicure can prevent the accumulation of excessive dirt in the nail, and also can avoid the problem of nail breakage. Nails should not be cut too round or too sharp, because it is not easy to break. Before cutting nails, soak them in hot water for 5 minutes, so that the nails will be better cut.
When using the nail clipper, it should be cut in the same direction, otherwise the structure of the nail may be damaged. In addition, under the fingernails close to the edge of the half moon membrane, the bottom of a thin layer of small skin called Gan PI, is the place where nails grow, do not cut off this layer of skin!!!

5- Regular exfoliation
Regular exfoliation of the opponent’s skin, evenly smear the hands and fingers with products such as Exfoliating Gel or scrub, especially in areas where it is easy to grow hard and barbed, or immerse hands in warm olive oil for about 10 minutes, so that the skin around the nails can be softened. If there are long barbs on the hands, do not directly tear or remove them with your hands. Nail clippers should be used. In order to avoid damaging the skin, causing bleeding or inflammation and other symptoms.