In Fact, A Really Easy-to-use Kitchen Has These 5 Elements

Although the kitchen is in our home life, the space it occupies is not particularly large. But its decoration can’t be sloppy at all.

There is a famous saying in the decoration, “Golden Kitchen, Silver and Bathroom”. The design of the home decoration kitchen can directly affect the happiness of family life in the future.

Nowadays, people’s love for food is increasing day by day. Compared with cooking delicious food, a quality kitchen cannot be ignored.

1.Kitchen appliances location

Nowadays, people pay more attention to food, and there are various designs of kitchen appliances. In order to increase the storage space, you can use a large tall cabinet to embed the oven and induction cooker in the middle, which is practical and beautiful, and it does not need to bend over and save effort. At the same time, prevent the water in the pool from splashing on the circuit board, causing electric leakage.

Considering reasonable movement, the electrical cabinet is suitable to be placed on the edge of the operating area. It can be either on the left or right side of the operating area. Try to choose the side that is close to the restaurant. The serving path is short and convenient.

2.Seasoning storage

The storage and placement of condiments in the kitchen is more difficult to handle in the kitchen, because it is necessary to consider the convenience of using materials close to the stove when cooking, but also to consider its neat and beautiful appearance, not being contaminated with “greasy” and not messy Wait. In fact, there are always some gaps in the home that can be used, just inserted into the storage space of the seasoning.

The cabinet space is divided into upper, middle and lower. The upper cabinet is suitable for storage and cannot be used frequently. However, the pull-down seasoning cabinet can use the distance between the upper and lower cabinets to store cooking bottles, aniseed and other ingredients.

3.Bar configuration

Generally speaking, the kitchen will have the following functions: storage, preparation, cleaning, cooking, and meal preparation. But today’s modern kitchen is no longer a place where fireworks rise in the traditional sense, but a place for leisure, entertainment, and emotional communication. Be sure to make a bar counter at home so that you can sit and watch your beloved person prepare dinner for you in the kitchen. It is already warm before the food reaches your stomach.

Open Shelving

In a small apartment space, the bar counter is a tool for connection and expansion in the kitchen. The construction of a small shelf extends the countertop and increases the storage area, which is practical and interesting. For large spaces, the functions of the bar counter are more abundant and clear, alleviating visual fatigue and creating a sense of spatial hierarchy. At the same time, the functions are clearly distinguished and become an invisible partition of the open kitchen.

4。Hidden socket

There are many electrical appliances in the kitchen, and sockets with switches are especially needed at this time. If we choose a socket without a switch, then it must be necessary to frequently plug and unplug the electrical plug, which will not only damage the service life of the motor, but also the socket plug will become looser.

In addition, the kitchen is also a place with a lot of water vapor. Setting up a special cabinet socket area or placing the socket under the countertop is not only stylish, safe and effective, but also keeps the kitchen clean and tidy.

5.New kitchen technology

Flat Panel Cabinetry

The little luck of life shows the hard power of technology. The “kitchen garden” that embraces nature, the “zero kitchen” space, the disappearing stove, the kitchen “treasure box”, the “black technology” in the kitchen, etc. The sense of technology brought by smart homes is permeating every bit of life.

The smart kitchen includes security functions, smart lighting, HVAC functions, entertainment and learning functions, and smart kitchen appliances. With the development of technology, smoky fires are gradually becoming a thing of the past, and good smart kitchen appliances make cooking a pleasure.

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