It’s Also A Good Choice To Make A Laundry Room At Home. Reasonable Planning Saves More Space

Living at home,
There is no shortage of a stylish and practical laundry room,
But because of the particularity of laundry space,
When designing and planning, we should pay attention to the use and beautification of space,
How to keep clothes in order?
What are the tips for drying?
How can it be more convenient and convenient for residents to use?
Let’s take a look at these practical and beautiful laundry rooms!

According to different washing machines and different space sizes,
There will be some deviations in the design,
According to the actual situation in your home,
Combined with what you think is a good idea,
To design your own laundry space.

The space on the wall can be designed with a clothes hanger under the storage cabinet, which is convenient for putting clothes hanger and drying clothes.

The embedded laundry is usually built in the custom furniture, the design is flexible, and it is harmonious with the space.

Wave wheel washing machine is different from roller washing machine in the design of washing room because of the cover opening. However, as long as the reasonable planning, it can also be practical and beautiful.

The purpose of the hidden laundry is not to affect the overall sense of space of the home. As an essential functional area, we can “get to the point” when we need to.

Many people will be equipped with a dryer beside the washing machine, so they don’t need to dry clothes, so they don’t need to occupy the balcony space anymore!