“Make up” God Makes up Ghost’s Halloween Make-up Look To Know! You Scream!

The annual Halloween is coming. How can such an interesting festival be without the ghost makeup! Here to recommend some good-looking essential make-up effect, with these, whether it is the color of novice or expert, you can easily get! You can also have your own unique make-up that everyone envies! It’s not itchy, learn quickly!

Makeup Effect 1 – Exaggerated White Face

Makeup Effect 2: WOUNDS & SCARS

It’s hard to be crazy on such a day. Of course, we have to have fun! Although the editor knows that makeup glue, scar wax and artificial blood may have been used once, they will have to wait until next year.

The make-up for Halloween is much more pompous and heavy than our ordinary daily make-up. Therefore, after having fun with friends, no matter how tired or tired you are, the first thing to do is to thoroughly clean your skin.

@ Accelerate skin aging
Night is the time for detoxification of the body and skin, and the residue of cosmetics on the face is likely to block the pores of the face, making it unable to get free breathing, thus making the face aging.
@ Causes shut mouth, acne
Cosmetics residue and sebum dirt do not clean clean sleep, is the main culprit leading to closed mouth, acne. Pores are blocked by heavy dirty things, it is easy to cause hair follicle inflammation, leading to acne.
@ Cause panda eyes
Sleeping without makeup will cause eye stains to remain in the eye, causing eye drops and mascara to become pigmentation in the eye, thereby causing the eyes to become black.
@ It leads to large pores
Go to sleep with make-up, as long as one night will make your skin pores become very thick. The residue of cosmetics will always remain on the surface of the skin, which will enter into the pores of the skin, resulting in serious blockage of the pores of the skin, and eventually form larger pores.