Simple, Clean And Exotic Leopard Nail Design In Autumn 2020

The charm of leopard print lies in details, so leopard print manicure should also use details to win. The whole finger leopard print looks old-fashioned, but jumping color leopard print is full of young personality vitality. Different jump color collocation appears more delicate, and it will not lose the original sexy charm of leopard print ~ the impression of leopard print nail is very wild and sexy, which is why leopard print nail is so attractive to women The reason for birth.

Don’t Forget Your Nails At The Halloween Party

Halloween is coming soon, and the evil power in your heart will arise. You must have all the equipment for the horror dance party. Put on your mask, put on your favorite exaggeration clothes and have a party. But don’t forget the nail shape on your Qianqian jade hand! Is the fingertip’s small equipment still in the multitudinous nail design cross eye, temporarily unable to choose? Next, I will introduce 29 interesting manicure models for you!

Exquisite And Ingenious Children’s Hair Style

For the mothers who have little princess at home, they must hope to give their children a beautiful hairstyle. It’s better not to repeat the hair every day. But they have no choice but to know where to start. Don’t worry. Today, we have arranged 30 beautiful children’s hair braids for all mothers. Let’s learn!