Simple, Clean And Exotic Leopard Nail Design In Autumn 2020

When it comes to leopard print, many people like it very much. All kinds of leopard print clothes, even manicure are leopard print, but there are many people who reject leopard print. In fact, as long as you do a good job of leopard pattern, it will be very beautiful and create different fashion and tenderness.

What is your understanding of leopard print?
Maybe most people’s first instinct is wild, suitable for very sexy people
Domenic Dloce, a designer, believes that leopard print is universal and has no age and occupation restrictions.

Leopard print is very good-looking, also because it is very good-looking, it is very difficult to control, it is easy to ignore the person wearing, only pay attention to the clothes.
Here are some leopard print nails. Hope to bring you wireless inspiration

Design of coffin leopard nail

If you want a leopard print manicure to be more beautiful, you must not choose a regular pattern. A large or small one like this is more beautiful. The Brown Leopard Pattern with brown color is matte and elegant.

Flash powder leopard nail design

Design of short leopard nail

Sexy Leopard nail
The charm of leopard print lies in details, so leopard print manicure should also use details to win. The whole finger leopard print looks old-fashioned, but jumping color leopard print is full of young personality vitality. Different jump color collocation appears more delicate, and it will not lose the original sexy charm of leopard print ~ the impression of leopard print nail is very wild and sexy, which is why leopard print nail is so attractive to women The reason for birth.

Yellow with purple, matte texture, shallow leopard pattern, white fingertips, smart and charming, even short nails can be very good-looking.

Design of French leopard nail

Want leopard print nail more beautiful, can add water diamond to decorate, purple and pink combination, so it will look more noble, delicate and elegant.

Design of almond leopard nail

Leopard pattern can also be made very small fairies, such as this one, the seemingly exaggerated pattern is decorated with pink and sequins, and the fingertips become very beautiful.