Halloween Horror Makeup Collection, There Is Always One For You

The annual Halloween is coming soon. Have you arranged any activities for the night of Halloween? Think about what you want to paint. So what kind of scary makeup is there to set off the atmosphere of Halloween? Let’s take a look.

For children, Halloween is a day for pranks, while for adults, it’s a battle field. Parties with various themes are waiting for us to dress up. Do you have a good idea of this year’s theme makeup? How to dress up to surprise the audience, to become the most shining event protagonist! Don’t worry, you can first taste the six most classic makeup of Halloween!

1.skeleton makeup

Skeleton makeup can be said to be the ancestor of Halloween makeup, exoskeleton with dark and pale color, no matter where the eye-catching max.

2.clown makeup

Clown make-up is originated from the role of the clown in comedy, but the film clown has pushed the clown’s make-up to the forefront of the trend. Whether it’s cute or somber, it can be perfectly combined with this make-up and will never go out of fashion.

3.Vampire makeup

As the representative of European ghosts, vampires have become the protagonists of many ghost suspense movies and TV series. And because the vampire’s appearance is generally very high, pale skin color plus or charming or handsome appearance, harvest a large number of loyal powder. Especially with the popularity of twilight and vampire diaries, vampire makeup has become the makeup of many people on Halloween.

4.Fairy makeup

5.Animal makeup

6.Injury makeup