30 Acrylic Stiletto Nails Designs Art You Deserve In Autumn 2020

As soon as autumn comes,
Everyone will change the nail style will be cold and simple.
Especially in the selection of color matching,
You will obviously choose more intense and deep colors.
Dark color nail is the most hand white,
Such as black, wine red, dark green and so on
If you are a baby who likes to shine,
Try adding some on the dark nail
Flash powder gradients!

Is showy manicure more suitable for hot and colorful summer?
Actually not!
Because of the bleak weather in autumn and winter, people are lazy
We need more makeup and mood!
What are the classic and versatile manicure styles?
Wave point? Gradient? Frosting? Gold foil? Leopard print? French style?
All of the following
And is not easy to make mistakes in the selection of Oh!