Things Made Of Wood By DIY Are Always Special

Good design should make people feel the beauty of life. The color, texture and temperature of wood can better reflect the understanding of nature and the original mind, and have a quiet and simple fun.

In the eyes of the old carpenter, a piece of wood is a part of the whole life cycle of wood. From the seeds breaking out, to the luxuriant branches and leaves, to being sawed down, he thinks that when the “wood” with the breath of mountain forest becomes “wood”, the life of wood is just beginning. They need to be cut, polished, polished, and finally get rid of the edges and spikes of trees in the mountains. Carpenters like wood not only because of their professional relationship, but also because they think they are dealing with life that can’t speak. So when they touch something made of wood, they always feel the existence of temperature, which may be cold, but not dead.

Warm tip: try not to go out in special period. Always wear a mask when you go out.