To Raise “Succulent Plants”, We Only Need To Know How To “watering”? Make The Following 3 Points, And The Succulent Plants Will “Fill The Whole Basin”

There are many kinds of succulent plants, each of which is also very beautiful, so it’s very popular with many people. One of the interesting things about succulent plants is that some of the flower friends say that succulent plants are very good to keep, but most of the flower friends think that succulent plants are very difficult to keep. Although they have been watered normally, there are still some distressing problems. In fact, raising succulent plants Plants, in addition to watering, also need to do these three points, so as to make its leaves grow fat and full。


Plants need to breathe just like people. Some people who have a little experience in farming know that if they breed plants indoors, but don’t pay attention to ventilation, the environment with air blocked is likely to breed bacteria, and the water and nutrients in the meat slices of succulent plants will be taken away gradually, which will cause them to become shriveled and wilted, so I suggest that they should be ventilated To breed.


Most plants have a certain demand for light. Although there are many kinds of succulent plants, no matter what kind of succulent plants like light, the more sufficient the light, the better the growth, so I suggest that you should be able to give it plenty of sunshine, of course, in summer, it is necessary to give it shade, do not let it be directly exposed to the sun for a long time.


The most suitable climate for the growth of succulent plants, is in the two seasons of spring and autumn. The cool and not cold weather can make them grow faster and grow better. However, in summer, it should be cultured in a cool place, and in winter, it should be kept indoors to avoid frostbite.