2021 Valentine’s Day Almond Manicure Style Sharing

On this special day, I’d like to share with you a group of interesting fingernail designs with the theme of Valentine’s day, including lovely and interesting animals and the fashionable inscription “love”. Not only that, a lot of hearts, origami hearts and sacred spirit hearts on fingernails will also change any fingernail design by deforming them. They are festive and elegant.

One of the most attractive and spectacular nail designs will be the fashionable manicure of heart-shaped diamond, which will shine on your fingers on Valentine’s day. They will be joyfully beautiful and irresistible to complete the appearance of a party or romantic dinner.

Valentine’s Day manicure design “pink

Using special manicure powders, unusual manicures can be made with a large number of “soft” hearts. Touch the heart with two fingers of different sizes and cover them with fluff, which will have an attractive plush effect on the fingers

The letters on the nails are the highlight of this year’s ultra-fashionable manicure design, which may be refined, romantic and bold, depending on the design style. February 14th’s most stylish manicure will be the inscription, with “love” on it, love and lovely pebbles

However, if you’re trying to find a stylish manicure for Valentine’s Day and Valentine’s Day styles for office and business use, you can choose to use a matte heart-shaped matte design in light tones. Gradients and minimalism allow you to create a charming and stylish style on your hands on Valentine’s Day, perfectly incorporating a stylish design with heart-shaped 2021-2022 nails

   On February 14th it will be interesting to explain the design with heart nails using “color blocks”, “depth design” and “negative space” techniques. In popular trends, wonderful designs with faces or people, portraits and eyes, plus heart shapes, are ideal for trendy Valentine’s Day nail designs

In addition to the nails in the February 14 nail design, you can also use red gel polishes, matte effects and velvet powder effects, combined with romantic prints, to create wonderful nails for Valentine’s Day

On February 14th, not only will it be a stylish nail design with a heart, but there will also be manicures and other bold nail design solutions with the word “Love” on it, and we’ll show you more now and see more ideas in the selection below

“Negative space” will help reduce the burden of nail fashion heart-shaped design, which will create the required accent at the same time without depressing the nail design. Transparent heart on color background, and vice versa – bright heart on transparent coating will be very effective and attractive.

“Simple style” of Manicure design on Valentine’s Day

Let’s get a date armor!
A proper manicure for a date
When holding hands with his beloved
Fingers are filled with sweet~