Nail Design Should Be Done in Autumn and Winter! These Classics are Versatile~

Is showy manicure more suitable for hot and colorful summer?
Actually not!
Because of the bleak weather in autumn and winter, people are lazy
We need more makeup and mood!
What are the classic and versatile manicure styles?
Wave point? Gradient? Frosting? Gold foil? Leopard print? French style?
All of the following
And is not easy to make mistakes in the selection of Oh!

Manicure is the make-up of fingers. Manicure can repair the defects of girls’ hands. The right style can make your fingers longer and whiter.
The most popular, best looking and most long manicure styles in 2020, come to see which one is most suitable for you?

The function of manicure is to beautify the hand shape and beautiful mood. Hand is a woman’s second face. Choosing a good-looking manicure style and shape can make your fingers long and beautiful, more delicate!

It’s a group of daily manicure with great atmosphere and temperament. It’s not conspicuous but very good-looking! Let’s have a look!
How can a girl not become elegant? Looking at the beauty between your fingertips, you will become beautiful. I recommend some nail styles for you, each style is very exquisite!
Blooming Nail Art

It’s really unreasonable to accidentally create some patterns on your nails. The style of carving is so beautiful. Fairy tales in the bone, delicate and feminine. 3D carving really tests the craftsmanship of the workers, and colors it with your favorite colors. The details are rich and refreshing. If you like, give it to yourself!

This jelly colored nail art is not very complicated, but it has a fresh feeling. The feeling of crystal clear touched my heart. Pink color is very warm, suitable for sweet women, natural and natural, very fresh, soft and glossy, looks very young, and the color adjustment is just right, it belongs to no regret series!

Again, your favorite nail style. This warm color is perfect for winter. It has a warm atmosphere, and the color block design is very detailed. It’s really beautiful. It can be dark or light, you can operate according to your own style, and it doesn’t look too exaggerated. It has a strong feminine flavor and looks good with sweaters!

The nail with diamond looks very noble. Most people like it. It’s no exaggeration that beauty is breaking, and there are orderly twinkling diamonds, but this manicure style tends to be more mature, but I have to admit that it is really beautiful and handsome, which makes the shape between the fingertips look good!