Come On, DIY Christmas Biscuit Belongs to Your Family!

“jingle bells, jingle bells,jingle all the way!”
The bell of Christmas is drawing near
Reindeer pulling sleigh
Santa Claus with gifts on his back
And, of course, the Christmas House in fairy tales
It’s like a childhood dream
cannot drive off

“There is no Santa Claus in the world
All the gifts and surprises come from people who love you “

When the red and green match, more and more thick, Christmas is coming

But this year is different
The epidemic has brought the world to a standstill
Small scale sharing Festival has become the mainstream choice
DIY pastries, cakes and even cookies
The most important thing is that you can be with your family

With the flow of time
Christmas is approaching
The air is full of romance
The baking tray conveys the sweetness of baking
Desserts are in the cold season
Always let people feel sweet and warm

Biscuits decorated with Christmas elements
Make the most of delicacy and interest
Enjoy making delicious food by hand
Mix fresh and high quality ingredients into biscuits
Inject unique “love” and “sweetness”
Each mouthful is a unique enjoyment on the taste buds

I always want to make frosted biscuits, because I want to try different baking methods. In addition to making cakes or bread, frosted biscuits are the most patient baking. Every line, point and pattern needs us to calm down and paint.

Christmas comes once a year
We must put the best quality
To your most important person

This winter is very cold, but with you, it seems not so cold. This year’s Christmas, I want to spend with you, I carry the painted icing biscuits with you, the first time do not dislike, because it is really sweet, and I do really careful, very serious.