Green Plant Decoration Room Can Not Only Make the Air Fresh, But Also Bring Some Vitality to Life

With the spread of the trend of popular color vegetation green, we can always see more decoration guidelines related to “green and plants”. Choose simple decoration, so that the tone and the surrounding environment tend to be within the same range. Lead to a piece of green, let the home and nature closer.

Decorate the room with green plants
Not only does it look clean and fresh
And it can bring some vitality to life
In life
In addition to the use of green plants in the corner, only for viewing
What subtle changes can it bring to the house?

Rich interiors are the most important part of representing a home. The rustic apartment is naturally close to the green living, with plant corners made up of various plants, transparent to light green glass bottles, and full of freshness

Green potted plants are everywhere, making the area look vibrant

Put some special plants at home
With antique wooden furniture
It gives you a sense of being in the woods

Large plant potted plants are the leading role in the living room space. Red bricks and wood elements can be seen everywhere in the space, bringing the original sense of simplicity into the home. Put a low sofa tea table, no too much furniture, so that the space is more spacious, with national elements cushion and wall decoration mutual printing lining.

The ancient simplicity and vegetation spread to every corner of the room, even the bathroom, bathed in the forest morning light, the window is full of green shadow, life is very beautiful.

Plant background wall is a hot topic in modern home decoration. More and more designers begin to apply the theme of “forest” in interior decoration. Facing the dazzling decorative materials, moss, the “new favorite” of space decoration, is sought after by everyone

The application of green plants in modern interior soft decoration design has a series of advantages. Under the pressure of life and spirit, people are more and more eager for a green home environment. They can smell its fragrance and improve the quality of life.

Create indoor environment: green represents the vitality of life and peace. In interior design, the application of green plants to installation can not only beautify the indoor environment, but also purify the indoor air. At the same time, people can feel the vitality and vitality of nature in urban life. In the interior soft decoration design, adding green plants can calm people’s irritability, relieve people’s life and work pressure, and improve the taste of the house owners through reasonable collocation.

Promote people’s physical health: the ornamental function of green plants is essential, people can relax through green plants, which can cultivate sentiment and purify the mind; being in a beautiful indoor environment, the body and mind can be completely relaxed, and green is also helpful to alleviate eye fatigue.