Popular Pink Nail Art in Winter 2020~

In a twinkling of an eye, it is December 2020
Recently, the weather is getting colder and colder. Sisters should keep warm!
Today, I have prepared the horoscope of December for you
Let’s see what your lucky colors are in December~

This month’s personal state is very good, can display own ability superiority. In the middle of this year, you may need to pay attention to your sense of propriety in your external performance. It is easy to overdo your performance.

Lucky color: Royal Blue

In the first and middle of this month, some people may win prizes or get some opportunities to get free places. At the end of this month, we may make some new arrangements, or make some bold attempts, including outdoor, extreme sports, etc. There will be some first-time attempts to do something.

Lucky color: light blue

This month, you may be reluctant to part with some past relationships and long-term things you have done, but now it’s time for you to think about changes and say goodbye. You’re a bit tangled. This month, you may feel that no one can understand your decision and your current situation.

Lucky color: Rose

There may be some lack of interest in many things this month, and you will encounter new learning / work / single opportunities, but it is not what you want most, so it is still under consideration. You need to pay attention to the argument with others this month. Some people will work in groups and have a good performance in group activities. Some people will have partial wealth and financial accumulation.

Lucky color: pink

You may need to learn more about new things this month. In teamwork, you still need to learn from others and learn to be modest. At the end of this month, we need to pay attention to the appropriateness of personal appearance and dressing, as well as the external image. Some people are prone to act impulsively or impulsively and make some regrets.

Lucky color: Purple

You may not be satisfied with your personal appearance and relationships this month. Some people may fall into a chaotic relationship, which is not necessarily your intention, but you are in a dilemma because you will constantly compare whether different people are suitable for you. More inner activities, more sensitive. There is less movement on the hand. At the end of the day, some people may have to give up something they can’t do synchronously.

Lucky color: Orange

This month may make some sacrifices and concessions, for the sake of future life, planning, now you may have some humiliating / or more bitter ideas, arrangements. You may be gradually disappointed with someone who has a good impression before, or you may feel disappointed and boring in some places after staying in a new environment for a period of time.

Lucky color: pink and white

There will be short trips or business trips this month, and some people will make quick decisions. In the first ten days, I will try some new activities, new things and get new experiences. Some people may encounter online peach blossom. In the middle of this month, some people need to pay attention to the harmony of group atmosphere, class and colleagues, which is easy to misunderstand. Late this month, you may receive some date invitation or good party invitation, peach blossom appears.

Lucky color: strawberry

This month need to control their bad habits, such as chopping hands, such as greedy, such as uncontrollable to contact people in the past. In the first ten days of the year, you will try to break the bottleneck and restore contact with some people who have not been in touch for a period of time. Some people may have arrangements to go to other places in the middle of the day. You may not be reconciled to the results of some things.

Lucky color: shiny gold

This month, you are in a very good condition as a whole. You will have a more cheerful and childlike side and have a happy time. You may be planning for the next step of personal development. You are hesitant and tangled in action, and prone to procrastination. At the end of this month, some people will have something lost and recovered, or have the opportunity to reunite and restore contact with the people of the past.

Lucky color: advanced grey

This month, you will be more likely to blindly believe that you can solve all problems, but it is not the case. Emotional instability, especially in the new moon and full moon period. It is full of hope and planning for the future, but it is more about ideas and has not yet been put into action. We need to pay attention to personal financial security, which is easy to lose items.

Lucky color: shiny light purple

You will be less secure this month, and you will maintain a sense of inquiry and suspicion about many people or things. Will be more impetuous, easy to calm down to rest, study, work. Will meet the work, the study in the noble person, in your finance or the study aspect instruction one or two. Some people need to pay attention to the mobility inconvenience caused by trauma or affect the efficiency and executive ability.

Lucky color: dot pink