27 Best Bob Short Hair and Hairstyles for Women 2021

Pure girl Bob short hair is suitable for round face, prominent cheekbones,

The girl with the hollow temples,

It’s a great way to shape your face,

Enhance the three-dimensional sense of the facial features,

Pair it with a pretty comic fringe,

Even for girls with less delicate features,

It’s easy to handle.

Girls with a lot of hair will wear this style when they have short hair.

You don’t need a perm or dye to make your hair look younger.

Layered bangs make the hairstyle particularly fluffy and natural.

If you’re afraid to cut your hair short,

Bob’s short hair must be your first choice.

The modern Bob features several innovations that bring the Bob look to the latest level and make you feel rock ‘n’ roll this season. The shaggy Bob and layered Bob are definitely the most popular. Here you can find two perfect solutions for the Bob hairstyle, for the thick hair and for the flattering Bob hairstyle for the fine hair. A proper choice of curly Bob will make your day and solve annoying problems with unruly curls. The same applies to black women with bobs. Browse the selection of A-line bobs, pins and the most inspiring examples to craft your unique one-of-a-kind image!

An asymmetrical blonde Bob short hair

Black bangs in a Bob

Shoulder wide Bob

Bob with thick hair

Tousled Blonde Bob

Long bangs and flowing hair are the hallmarks of the modern, urban Bob. The streaks of platinum blond hair are a little fluffy on top, trimmed on the sides and slightly longer around the chin.

Keep the ends uneven. Short, blunt edges and long, wavy strands will make your hair look cool and full of character. A perfect hairstyle is a casual, shaggy one. Avoid heating tools while maintaining the natural texture of your hair.

Short Wispy White Blonde Bob

Blend highlights and smooth hair give this rounded Bob a neat look. The slightly taper layers point to the nape of the straight cut, creating the typical Bob’s fullness and puffiness.