36 Exquisite and Small Letter Tattoos of The Best Design

Letter tattoo has always been popular, whether it is a small sentence on the back, clavicle, arm, or the letters on the back of the ear, chest, wrist, are reverie and full of commemorative significance, can be designed into complex huati characters, but also can choose the hard Gothic font. Today we will introduce some sentences suitable for tattoos.

Is there a sentence you must remember in your whole life?
Or numbers,
Or the name.
Who can impress you.
Today’s tattoos are all about numbers or a sentence or a few letters,
Summer is coming. The suspender should be cool. It will taste better with a tattoo.

Diversified, it can be aesthetic literature and art, but also resolute and stylish. A single letter or a sentence can be very beautiful.

It’s rich in meaning, and the letter tattoo is rich in meaning, because it’s you who give it meaning.

If you are tired of the monotonous tattoo pattern and want to emphasize your personality in simplicity, try this kind of tattoo.

Letter tattoo is also very suitable for lovers. Since ancient times, it seems that words can express feelings better.

A classic words, can let each other forever remember a lifetime, can be engraved, can never disappear.

If you love each other deeply, secular gifts and commemorations are no longer in your consideration, try letter tattoos, which can let you experience, enjoy and have each other.

There are many kinds of letter tattoos, but if you want beautiful and unique patterns, you must choose creative tattoos.

The right way to wear a mask
Disposable mask is a general surgical mask for medical use. It has two sides: the positive side and the negative side. The darker side — the blue side facing out, the lighter side facing in, is close to our face. Not only that, the mask is divided into upper and lower parts. The hard side is the upper end, which is close to the bridge of nose when wearing.
After understanding the basic structure of the mask, let’s learn how to wear the mask correctly.

  1. Washing: first, wash your hands to avoid unclean hands polluting the inner face of the mask;
  2. Hanging: stick the mask horizontally on the face, mouth and nose, and hang the ropes at both ends on the ears with both hands;
  3. Pull: pull the folds of the mask up and down at the same time, so that the mask can completely cover the mouth, nose and chin;
  4. Pressing: finally, press the metal strips on both sides of the nose with the index fingers of both hands to make the upper end of the mask close to the nose.
    In addition, we need to remind you that after wearing the mask, you should avoid frequent touch of the mask to avoid reducing the protection effect; after taking off the mask, put it into the tape or paper bag, and then put it into the covered garbage can for disposal, and wash your hands in time; do not reuse the disposable mask.