46 Best Short Bob Haircuts and Hairstyles for Women in 2020

Bobhair be said to be the most popular hair style of fairies in recent years. According to the length, hair color and bangs, it can show different effects such as age reduction, small face, brightening skin color, etc. it can be said that Bobo is the artifact of many celebrities to enhance the beauty value.

This kind of Bob hair style is super suitable for girls with retro style. The kind of ~ soft hair with fairy air just covers around the cheekbones and temples. It’s very suitable for girls with diamond face! The vertical effect of hair can show the dry and light taste you should have, while the hair with a bit of layering trim can show more air texture and small face. If you like the Bobo, I think you must try this one.

Bobhair is not only simple, but also very natural. It can also have a sense of fashion and femininity. Does Bobo’s consistent chin length match with the messy water wavy roll of the whole head seem very fashionable, but also reflects the woman’s side, which is full of sweetness. The whole hair style is specially aged down, and then dyed with a champagne hair color, it looks very stylish and stylish White.

Bob short hair style looks really charming, which makes people amazing. Curly hair with curve is very beautiful, foreign and beautiful. The puffy and full-bodied hair has luster under the fashionable dyeing, and has more temperament without bangs.

Bob head care key point: how to shape a good-looking Bob head
When blowing the hair with the air blower, avoid blowing the hair completely dry or hot, which will hurt the hair very much. Generally, blow it to 7 or 8% dry. After shampooing, blow with a hair dryer, first from the inside of the hair to make the hair fluffy. When it’s done to a certain degree, use the cylinder type comb to curl the hair slightly inward, and use the hair dryer to blow against the curl. Wind it slowly in bundles instead of curling up a lot of hair at once. After thoroughly drying, apply a little hair wax to make the hair fluffy (put it in your hand and beat it evenly, then grab the desired effect on your head, and also deal with the hair tail to make a little hair, which has a sense of flowing). If you want to keep it long, spray the set water. Remember not to use a comb, otherwise it will be very flat and rigid.

Daily shampoo and care:
When shampooing, the strength should be moderate, do not use excessive force, and excessively rub the hair to prevent the hair scales that hurt the hair from becoming dull and discolored. Wash the shampoo and then use the skin care element to repair the hair. Then wash the hair and wipe off the water with a dry towel.
When the hair is dry at 70%, that is, when it is still wet but no longer dripping, you can spray some non washing moisturizing products on the whole head. It can not only supplement nutrition for the hair, but also “press” the residual water of the hair into the hair, and stay on the hair for a longer time. Apply a little wash free hair care products can change the rough phenomenon, let the hair smooth.

Finally, I would like to remind you that in special times, you must pay attention to safety, wear a good mask and take protective measures when you go out.