50 Selected Butterfly Tattoos, Sexy and Beautiful

From Caterpillars to butterflies, embrace the bright future with a new attitude. You who choose butterfly as tattoo pattern should also be like butterfly, even though you have experienced wind and rain, but still beautiful.

Butterfly tattoo is not only beautiful, its beautiful meaning is loved by everyone. Butterfly is a symbol of flexibility and transformation. Butterfly tattoo is worth having.

Butterfly has only one companion in its life, and it is one of the most loyal representatives in the insect world. Butterfly is regarded as a symbol of auspiciousness and beauty. For example, the butterfly in love with flowers is often used to symbolize sweet love and happy marriage, which reflects the pursuit of perfection and beauty.

Butterfly’s wings are colorful, shuttling between competing flowers, like a fairy in flowers. If the body also has this flower fairy’s dissociation, naturally can add own charm. Butterfly Tattoo, bloom your beauty!

Why not create a pattern that combines natural scenes with butterflies? After all, butterflies are one of the most beautiful pollinators of flowers. Combine your love for flowers with the love for butterflies, and the design will become much more flexible.

Butterfly wings carry the dream of wandering, sunshine beach, sea cruise, with its weak wings, fly to the destination.

Vigorous posture, crystal clear wings, all show its charm.

Maybe it’s a motto that gives you the motivation to continue to work hard, and you may as well tattoo it on your body; from pupa to butterfly, finally breaking out of the cocoon, the change of this germplasm has also experienced various difficulties. Don’t be sad in case of setbacks. The road of life is long, the darkness is only temporary, and the road will be brighter and brighter.

Keep scrolling! We have collected a series of more inspirational tattoo designs. For you to create their own unique, interesting butterfly tattoo design has unlimited possibilities!
The big butterfly wings are just like the agitation on the body. They fit right on the back, like the fairy’s small wings.

It’s a good choice to find a beautiful butterfly tattoo full of vitality and diversity, use it to commemorate the changing times, or pay homage to the important people in your life.