55 Glittering Acrylic Coffin Nails Designs,Experience The Elegance And Beauty Of Fingertips!

As the saying goes, “the hand is a woman’s second face”, many girls spend a lot of time on their hands, and manicure is one of them. But it’s strange that sometimes manicure can really reflect a person’s temperament. As a girl, if the hand is beautiful, it can make a deep impression. Today, I’d like to introduce some popular manicures this summer to you. I hope you can have a good time and sunshine in this beautiful summer.

Blue ocean enhancement

Ocean series is to give people a fresh feeling. This manicure has a gradual color of white powder and water blue. With the exclusive Fritillaria and starfish in Shanghai, it’s really full of ocean fresh wind. Choose such a manicure in summer, I really feel like I am at the seaside at any time. It not only gives people a cool feeling, but also increases your lovely temperament. If you want to be a lovely delicate fairy, this one is more suitable.

Geometric manicure

Many small lovely like simple and generous design, after all, fashion always comes from life, beauty is also the embodiment of simplicity. Then geometric enhancement must be what you want to try, just the arrangement of irregular figures, simple color bump can easily create a sense of fashion. Although it is simple, it gives people a just good sense of beauty. Sometimes the temperament is so simple, but it seems a little redundant when it is complex.

Pink coffin nails designs

Pink has always been our little girl’s favorite color, and in summer most girls choose pink. But how to use the beautiful color of pink? For the little cute people with difficult choice, solid color is also a good choice. Not only pink, green or yellow are very bright colors, which one you choose depends on which one you like. In general, solid color is not so fancy, but it looks fresh and fashionable on the whole. Now the beauty of simplicity is popular, and it has connotation.

White left manicure

White nail is to use white finger pressure oil, then use other colors to fill, you can choose other styles. This manicure will be very textured, with a bit of advanced taste, but also has a sense of fashion splicing. You can also boldly choose a bright color or a strange style, so it will look more personalized. Of course, this manicure is very suitable for girls with temperament.

Flower manicure

No girl will refuse the beautiful flowers. What kind of charm is it to sit the flower on the manicure? Flower patterns are different choices. You don’t have to choose small and fresh flowers. You can also choose bright flowers. Some cute kids may think it’s tacky. As long as the color matching is done, it’s still fashionable