The World Is So Big, We Should Go Out More.

No matter how bad the world is,
Your own world must be wonderful;
No matter how dark the heart is,
Your heart must be bright.
Don’t use bad to deal with bad,
Don’t deal with darkness with darkness.
Love what you have without what you love.
Between “yourself” and “who you want to be”
Just “how do you do it?”.

Real forgiveness,
It’s not about erasing memories,
But can accept those “once”
Live safely in your memory.
It’s easy to remind people, it’s clear-minded,
But it’s hard to be able to remind yourself clearly all the time.
There is no such thing as a natural pair in the world
It’s just to work hard to become more and more suitable for each other

You can’t decide when the sun will rise tomorrow,
But you can decide what time to get up.
A person, far away from the noise of the outside world,
The smile of camouflage faded,
It’s only when you’re really quiet that you see who you really are.
The more you hide how you feel about someone,
The deeper you get.
I’m used to habits I shouldn’t be used to,
But persistent should not be persistent persistent persistent.

The only one that will stop you
It’s you who do what you want to do.
If I give up,
It’s not because I lost,
It’s because I understand.
I love you,
It’s only three seconds,
It takes three hours to explain,
Proof takes a lifetime.
Life is not Lin Daiyu,
Not because of sadness and love.

The heart can see what the eye cannot see.
Happiness is really simple:
Someone loves; has something to do; has expectations.
If you can’t think about it, you don’t want to,
Don’t get it.
Why do you have to grievance yourself.
With your steps,
Make the world a landscape of love.