Home Green Plant Search, To Help You Create A Spiritual Corner Of The Home!

On the planet where we live, plants have been quietly improving and beautifying the living environment of human beings. No matter what our environment is, our life will be full of vitality and hope as long as we have plant ornaments.

A comfortable and quiet corner is the most suitable place to work at home. Some common plants are enough to make the space more comfortable.

The lazy’s favorite – succulent plants

The succulent plants with different shapes are most suitable for decorating bookshelves, and they don’t need to be cared about. It’s killing two birds with one stone.

Balanopsis with Nordic wind

No matter where tortoiseshell bamboo is placed, it can add a natural breath to the room and quickly improve the room’s appearance value.

Lovely mirror grass

Mirror grass has thick, nearly round fleshy leaves, much like a bronze mirror. Above the middle of the leaf, there is a golden dot on the stipe, which shows the elegance of high-end atmosphere.

Other plants

There are nearly 500000 kinds of plants on the earth, and some of them are lucky to be part of our life. We take care of them, and they return us in another way.

In addition to the common plants mentioned above, I’d like to introduce some new plants to you: crimson, banyan, rubber tree and umbrella are all the popular net red varieties. No matter the bookshelf or the desk, they will bring us a fresh environment of study and work.

When placing plants on the bookshelf, they can be placed in a staggered way from top to bottom, and large plants are recommended to be placed on the top of the bookshelf to reserve more space for the growth of plants. If it’s a drooping plant such as green pineapple, ivy, love vine, the position can also be placed higher, so that the upper and lower space can be cleverly linked up.

New network red and green plant round leaf bamboo taro

The round or nearly round leaves of the round leaves of the bamboo taro are light green, like apples, which are very attractive. Moreover, it is more shade resistant and suitable for indoor cultivation. It is one of the most favorite green plants for young people recently.

Simple and easy to keep