60 Hot Bling Short Nails Art Designs, Delicate And Not Fancy, Really Beautiful

A girl’s love for beauty is innate. She can’t let go of all kinds of colorful hairpins, bracelets and skirts since she was a child. So it’s a special love for manicure~

After all, as a fairies who love beauty, who doesn’t want their whole body to be beautiful, so even a finger should dress it up with a sense of delicacy.

Today, I want to share these styles with you,
It’s relatively simple, but it has bright spots,
Don’t miss it!

Such a delicate manicure is the one that many girls yearn for. It uses sequins, chains, mirrors and other elements in the same manicure. The effect is very delicate. With a little pink color, it’s very pleasing.

Recently, the metal glue is also very popular. If you use the nail polish with metal texture, you will have a pattern or line on the nail surface, which will make the nail have a more unique texture, and there will be a more novel style that will fascinate you~

Red nail with some shiny lighting elements, will be very temperament, but also very delicate, let your fingertips more advanced Oh!

These simple manicures with exquisite details will make you more perfect! Whether it’s work or life, we need to maintain a best state, do a beautiful manicure, will make you more confident!